Nuläge+ (GDPR)

Recently, the national legislation on protection of personal data (the Data Protection Act, PUL) was replaced by the new EU General Data Protection Regulation. We have devised a method for pinpointing an organization’s current status and planning for future work. We facilitate a quick and cost-effective transition to new work methods in compliance with the GDPR.

Compliance as a Service

We continuously follow up on subcontractors or parts of your operations and compare with both internal and external security requirements and regulations. To do this, we use self-assessments and technical reviews, among other things. With Compliance as a Service, your organization will get regular, tailored reports and presentations of the security status.


With KARMA, we offer business-driven risk management in the form of both method and application support. KARMA is a simple, effective risk management tool that can help you identify the risks of your organization, rank them based on their impact on business goals, and create a prioritized list of measures that can reduce the identified threats and risks in the best possible way. KARMA is short for the Swedish ”Knowit Affärsdriven Riskhantering med Metod och Applikationsstöd” – Knowit Business-Driven Risk Management with Method and Application Support.

Security verification including penetration tests

The purpose of a security verification is to evaluate the technical security level in a specific system and identify any vulnerabilities. The review focuses on the aspects of the solution that are most exposed and vulnerable. We use a tried and tested methodology that can be tailored to your operations and include test cases for common vulnerabilities in both off-the-shelf solutions and applications developed in-house.

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