Secure system development

Secure system development is about minimizing risks by working proactively with security during development instead of dealing with problems once they are discovered. To achieve this, security should be taken into account throughout the development process, from requirements and design to development and testing. Knowit provides support in the establishment and maintenance of security functions and activities in every step of the process. In this way, we ensure that your applications attain a suitable security level and fulfil the relevant requirements.

Privacy by Design

Privacy by Design is a methodology that is explicitly required in the new General Data Protection Regulation. The methodology should be applied in development and maintenance of all your systems. Through the use of established standards and techniques, we can assist you at every stage in fulfilling the requirements in the GDPR.

Incident management and IT forensics

We have long experience of preventative work with IT security incidents, such as data breaches and DDoS attacks. We will establish and improve your organization’s routines for incident management, with a focus on early discovery and management of such events. We can also work reactively with IT forensic investigations, where we gather evidence and investigate events.

Security of Things

The Internet of Things encompasses various types of objects equipped with built-in computers, sensors, and an internet connection. These objects offer enormous possibilities, while also entailing increased risks. The ways of protecting such systems often differ from traditional IT security, not least because patch management and authority management are made much more difficult. We have long experience of such tasks, including from the manufacturing industry, healthcare, and the energy field, where we have assisted both the creators of such systems and their clients.

Secure procurement

To provide support in your procurements, we offer expert competence in requirements management for information security and personal data handling. We support your evaluation and purchasing of specific solutions by defining security requirements and evaluating the suppliers’ maturity and delivery capacity in IT and information security.

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