We help executives pursue a fact-based IT strategy. In collaboration with you, we improve your IT strategy and your processes, ensuring that they are adapted to your operational objectives. Our goal is to decrease costs and increase your business benefits.

IT governance

Is your IT strategy in line with your operational strategy? Do you adapt IT investments based on business priorities? Knowit Insight helps you evaluate and prioritize the financing of your IT investments, monitor execution and guarantee business benefits. We can help you position your IT organization, draw up a general IT agenda and determine suitable processes and roles. 

No other parts of our clients’ operations have greater need for change than the IT organizations.
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IT Transformation

The point of IT transformation is to create crucial, lasting changes in your IT organization. In order to deal with the complexity of transformation, Knowit Insight works with experts from many fields, including financial governance and behavioral science. We help you assess the extent of your transformation and draw up a staggered implementation strategy that is easy to execute.

Interim Management

We offer interim solutions with short lead times and help you handle crucial competence deficits by providing experienced consultants. Knowit Insight provides temporary resources to handle transitional periods, crises or changes within your organization, but are also available for more long-term collaboration, requiring greater commitment.

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