Data protection officer as a service

If you process personal data, you may need to appoint a data protection officer. Within Digital Law, we offer a data protection officer as a service, where we deal with the tasks that fall upon the data protection officer, and help you meet the requirements of GDPR. We offer cross-functional teams that give both broad and deep support. Depending on the needs of your organization, we can offer this service at different levels.


The records that are currently often kept and managed by the personal data officer will, as of 25 May 2018, become the responsibility of the personal data controller. We can help ensure that new processing is recorded in a consistent, correct and suitable manner.


Data protection officer
GDPR requires certain organizations and all authorities to have a data protection officer. The office of the data protection officer is complex. Our experienced legal experts offer support and competence development for data protection officers.

General education in GDPR
Competence development in the data protection area are of central importance for acheiving compliance. We have long experience in GDPR and data protection education, for both smaller and larger groups. We can tailor educations and workshops to suit the needs of your organization.

DPO coach

Every data protection officer needs a sounding board, help in staying up-to-date with legal developments, guidance on how to act in certain situations and how to avoid conflicts of interest. The DPO coach is a service where we, simply put, coach and spar with your data protection officer.


Under GDPR, companies that process personal data regularly must perform impact assessments regarding the data protection of their processes, a so-called DPIA. The EU states that DPIA must be performed regularly, following each alteration and at least once a year. This applies particularly when the personal data processing entails high risks for privacy. Digital Law assists with everything from method support to performing the acutal DPIA and thus ensuring GDPR compliance.

Procurement support

We offer support and quality assurance ahead of and during procurements, in order to minimize the risk for appeals and delays.

We offer support in procurements and purchases, throughout the procurement process, to help increase your knowledge of how to comply with procurement legislation, such as the Public Procurement Act, the Act on Procurement in the Utilities Sectors, the Act on Procurement of Concessions, and GDPR.

We help you make correct and relevant demands regarding GDPR and information security in connection with procurements, and to develop requests for proposals and evaluation models following procurements.

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