Secure procurement

We offer strategic advice and concrete suggestions connected to procurement and purchasing, throughout the procurement process, to increase client knowledge of how to observe relevant legal acts, such as the Public Procurement Act, the Act on Procurement in the Utilities Sector and GDPR.

We offer support and quality assurance of tender specifications and tenders, before and during the procurement procedure, in order to minimize the risk for appeals and delayed contracts, as well as to increase commerciality and ensure legal compliance.

Compliance and commerciality

We offer contract design with a focus on commerciality, GDPR and information security. We make likelihood assessments of how likely a client is to win an appeals case and offer support in legal procedures. We also offer support in contract follow-up.

We can give concrete suggestions on compliance and commerciality, throughout the procurement process.

Requirements specification

We can assist in drawing up requirements specifications taking GDPR and information security into account.

We offer support and concrete suggestions to ensure that a client will get what has been procured and ordered.

Evaluation criteria

We can assist in analyzing and designing effective, clear and measurable evaluation criteria, in order to achieve commerciality and minimize the risk of appeals.

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