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We often work in teams, together with others with relevant competencies, for instance in project management, information security and change management. In this way,  we can offer a portfolio of various services and total solutions to client challenges. In Digital Law, we are specialized in data protection and the new legislative act GDPR, information security, intellectual property rights, contractual law, commercial law and procurement law/public procurement, as well as other fields.

Our clients operate within many different industries and encompass both large and small organizations in the private and public sector.

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Data protection and GDPR

Within Digital Law, we offer legal expertise in data protection and GDPR, while also collaborating with other relevant competencies to solve complex problems in the field of data protection and integrity. Our legal experts have many years' experience of data protection law, including from the Swedish Data Protection Authority, the Swedish Security Service and the Swedish Customs.

We can assist your throughout the GDPR process, from mapping and analysis of the current status, through project planning and adapting the operations, all the way to GDPR compliance.

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Our experienced legal experts offer support in public procurement, throughout the procurement procedure, and ensure compliance of procurement legislation (e.g., the Public Procurement Act, the Act on Procurement in the Utilities Sectors, the Act on Procurement of Concessions, etc.), without waiving commerciality and quality. We help you avoid unnecessary appeals.

We are specialized in secure procurement and outsourcing of IT-related services and systems.

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Commercial law

We have extensive knowledge in practically applied commercial law. We can help you draw up appropriate contracts for IT outsourcing, cloud services, licensing, development and personal data assistents. We can also help out as strategic contract support, analysing contracts for legal and commercial risks.

We are specialized in IT law, intellectual property rights and contractual law.

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