Sitecore Experience Platform

This version combines Sitecore’s Experience Management with advanced functionality to deliver an integrated marketing system that keeps track of contextual customer information so you can give your customers a personalized experience.

  • Contextual adaptation—Collects information about user interactions (present, past, also offline). This makes it possible to deliver a contextual experience based on how the user interacted with your brand yesterday, last week and the last few seconds.

  • Optimized user experience—Shows where users come from and exactly what they do on the web site, based on powerful web analysis.

  • Marketing automation—Contains marketing taxonomies that help you organize activities in a meaningful and structured way, as well as planning and e-mail administration. You have the opportunity to improve relationships with users by optimizing communication and deploying the content, channel and medium that is best suited for each interaction.

  • Multichannel marketing—Stimulates visitor interactions and generates analysis data from external web sites (not in the Sitecore network), then returns personalized content to the external visitor.

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