Concept development

We understand the importance of properly executed concept work based on objectives and user insights. We successively concretise the underlying ideas and concepts before designing the solution.

Proposed solution

The web editor is always a target group for CMS solutions. Based on the concept, technology strategy and system architecture, we propose a solution that leverages CMS platform functionality and provides an effective work environment.


We use prototypes in both the concept and development phases, as they offer rapid feedback on what works. Interface mockups provide you with the opportunity to test and ensure the accessibility of the user experience before all functionality is implemented.

Fast delivery

Short turnarounds, continual integration and a dedicated team enable the project group to start work on the content at an early stage. We enjoy collaborating and as a customer you are welcome to join the team. For demonstrations, at the daily stand-up meetings or as a fully fledged member of the project team.

Support and administration

Once the website has been developed and launched, the real fun begins: delivering customer and business benefits. The custom epi solution then needs a professional developer.

Premium Partner

Choosing an Episerver Premium Solution Partner is a safe choice. The partnership is a guarantee that we have both knowledge and experience of the platform.

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