Support, maintenance and further development

No, you are not done. Following the initial launch, the real work begins. Now it is time to commission the solution, deliver results and provide visitors with good service. Parallel to this, users within your organisation receive help, bugs are ironed out and new functionality is developed.

Your team at Knowit assists you with all of this. They know your solution inside out – providing support, implementing bug fixes and installing updates. Together we plan for further development – so that your website can continually evolve.


Your own team

Our business is organised in customer teams. Each team comprises a group of consultants serving one or more customers and their web solutions. The team has unique knowledge about your web solution, enabling its members to take care of support, maintenance and further development. The team can also call in specialists from our other business areas according to your needs.


Your contact

As an operation and maintenance customer you are assigned an O&M manager. This person heads the team that takes care of your web solution. Together you plan development work and the level of proactivity you require.


We have the tools

Each team has the necessary tools, methods and processes. We have an efficient case management system, employing a work method that keeps your valuable source code secure and assures high quality so that we can quickly deliver new functions to users. Tried and tested.


Premium Partner

Choosing an Episerver Premium Solution Partner is a safe choice. The partnership is a guarantee that we have both knowledge and experience of the platform.

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