When a user encounters a brand, the strongest experience normally occurs when the user is active and likes your message, services and solutions Web technology – established platforms or custom solutions – can make this interaction happen. The best tools to meet your needs depend on the task, the ambitions and the preferences in your particular organization. Please have a look at the solutions Knowit has developed. Get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

Web technology has many benefits:

  • Independent of hardware and operating system
  • Great flexibility in terms of layout and customization
  • Easier system integration and handling
  • Constant updates and improvements in standards and libraries
  • Responsive and optimized for mobile devices

Tailored solutions

Different situations need different solutions. The needs of your users, your technical environment and your organization must all be mapped in order to work out the best solution for you, both now and in the future.
Web technologies remain one of the most important ways to create user-friendly solutions helping people collect, retrieve and share information with each other. The format is flexible and easy to maintain, and can be updated and upgraded much more cheaply than earlier technologies. 

We very rarely come across challenges that cannot be met with a tailored web application. We can help you through the entire process – from concept to administration.
We have worked with customers on a vast range of projects: solutions gathering customer information or summarizing electricity consumption in business; employee KPI dashboards; or simply a list of local sport club fixtures.


Online banking

Payments and financial services are among our areas of expertise here at Knowit. Ever since the first online bank was launched in Norway, we have helped to simplify and improve the banking experience for Nordic customers.

The Nordic banking landscape is changing constantly, and it is essential for banks to keep up with competitors, customers and the outside world in the rush towards digitization.

Knowit has occupied a strong position among IT suppliers after developing the first dedicated online bank in the Nordic region in the late 90s.

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