Success factors


For self service solutions, success hinges on a combination of six principles:

  • The quality of the user experience
  • Price
  • Accessibility
  • Degree of automation
  • Integration of the business model – which is offset by...
  • …the cost of keeping the status quo - today and thinking about your competitors in the future


How we work


Knowit’s business analysts and business development specialists use these six principles alongside their years of experience modelling self service solutions on the Internet. Solutions that are integrated with internal production systems and external data sources.

We take on the role of end user and set the highest standards of quality in what we do.

Working closely with you and your organization, we make sure everything is in place before starting to code the eventual solution.

Digital identification and signatures

We know how to create secure and straightforward user experiences with digital signatures and identification. Our award-winning solutions lead the field in the effective use of electronic signatures and e-authentication.

Together, we can establish fully automatic end-to-end solutions covering all order and purchasing processes securely and efficiently. This guarantees that your customers can complete what they are there to do without having to quit mid-reply or mid-purchase. At Knowit we work with systems including BankID, Nets and Signicat.

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