Higher revenues, lower costs

For all its simplicity, this heading sums up how you should approach your business. We're offering up five equally simple pieces of advice to help lower your pulse this summer – at a time when digitalisation is changing the world at an ever faster pace.

This is how digitalisation contributes to a sustainable civilisation

- Digitalisation contributes to more democracy, better lives and health in a world facing many challenges. We are also facing the greatest sociological change in 700 years. Our world is changing dramatically, and everything will form part of a totally new ecosystem: the Internet of Things. The Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry interviewed Knowit in connection with its recent annual conference, Time to Step Up, which is based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Tomorrow’s advertising:
Game over for advertising?

The dynamics and ground rules for how we consumers evolve have been turned on their head. Tools and resources are changing; the foundations remain. Words like “traditional” and “digital” will lose their meaning and fuse into one word: advertising – the art of creating strong experiences between brand and user.

The top 10 strategically important technology trends in 2017

We will also be inundated with digital services in 2017, and a growing number of them will be smarter, with in-built intelligence. When Gartner presented its views on this at an annual conference in Barcelona in November, it also launched the expression “The Intelligent Digital Mesh”. A glorious mix of people, widgets, content and services that also form the basis for their predictions for the next year.

Gartner divides everything into three parts with the headings Intelligent, Digital and Mesh. The last one we can perhaps translate as “a collection”.

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Management challenges in a digital world

Knowit is one of a few Nordic companies that combines strategic awareness with results-orientated communication and leading technological solutions. We work best with companies who want digitalisation to create value within four different management challenges: innovation, streamlining, business development and brand positioning.

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