Why Litium?

Litium gives you control over your brand in all channels where you can create and distribute content, with everything from brand-building communication to uniform product information that is updated in real-time. With integrated PIM, you get your product information organized too, which helps you strengthen your brand and streamline your work. With the right processes, workflows, and language management of product information, you can create customer experiences that increase sales and customer loyalty. Litium’s globalization framework makes it easy to publish and personalize content across all your digital channels.

Get a head start with Litium Accelerator

Litium Accelerator provides the foundation for a digital store or retail hub, based on Litium’s powerful platform. You get access to standard functionality that covers most needs. Once the foundation is in place, you can invest your resources in things that create added value for your customers, such as design, value-adding functionality, and innovative business logic. Litium uses standard technology, since that is most cost-effective, both initially and in the long term. The platform is based on Microsoft ASP.NET, which makes it easy to adapt and integrate with other systems. Thanks to this, the platform is flexible and allows you to be as creative and adaptable as the world and your customers expect you to be.

Knowit is a Litium Premium Partner

Litium’s network of consultancy partners know all about e-commerce and have the technical competence, business acumen, and creativity that you need to move your business online. Choosing Knowit, a Litium Premium Solution Partner, is a safe move: this title is a guarantee that we have all the knowledge necessary.

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