Forget digital strategies
5-minute read
It’s all about strategies for a digital world

The era of insight
4-minute read
It’s not more technology you need, but better focus 

The Internet of Things – friend or foe?
8-minute read
Right now we’re experiencing the greatest change since the internet came into being 

The best e-commerce companies don’t just do things differently; they do different things
6-minute read
Many e-commerce projects tend to just throw a sprinkling of digital dust on existing processes rather than think about digital transformation. 

Blockchain – kryptonite for industry leaders
10-minute read
The technology that replaces authority 

Game over for advertising?
6-minute read
The interaction between algorithms and insight into human nature creates genuine contact and forges strong, lasting relationships.

We are now entering the “Post App Era”
6-minute read
Apps will not die; they will become more important – but in a different way 

The boss will not escape robotisation
5-minute read
The 4th industrial revolution is affecting six in ten professions

Growth and change demand improved customer experiences
4-minute read
Business leaders have long sworn by classic management consulting processes to provide insights for better strategies and increased revenues. Now the wind is turning. 

The digital workplace
6-minute read
The customer experience has been put in focus, but those tasked with delivering it have been sidelined. 

This is how digitalisation contributes to a sustainable civilisation
3-minute read
Digitalisation contributes to more democracy, improved quality of life and health in a world facing many challenges.

E-commerce health check
3-minute read
What are our critical phases? What characterises those companies that succeed? 

Programmatic ad buying
4-minute read
Avoiding the marketing pitfalls

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Boston Consulting Group

Staff and customer focus behind LEGO’s turnaround

8-minute read

LEGO realised that it didn’t need a digital strategy but a strategy for a digital world. In practice, that meant three things: getting its storytelling right in order to start building a culture; gaining extreme customer insight; and coming up with new ideas that exploit the digital ecosystem.

The restructuring that LEGO has undergone since 2004 is the most significant that the market has seen for many decades. LEGO was on the brink of bankruptcy due to a failed growth strategy and a watered-down brand. “What was it really that LEGO did better than anybody else?” LEGO had to work hard to identify its differentiation factors. 


GDPR – not just fodder for the lawyers

6-minute read

Knowledgeable marketeers who understand their customers shouldn’t worry about GDPR – the EU’s data protection and data security directive. Honest and transparent dialogue with customers is often all it takes to adjust – along with a couple of minor changes to your data strategy.


Business leaders pay too little attention to the competition when building strategies

6-minute read

Research from McKinsey shows that business leaders focus more on the strengths and weaknesses of their own organisation, on trends and economic drivers, and on risks and uncertainties, than they do on their competitors. McKinsey claims that in order to succeed, you have to be better than your rivals at something so that you can offer the best deal to a defined set of potential customers. 

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