User testing is the cheapest and most effective way to identify errors in the solutions you are planning. Just a small number of test subjects from affected target groups are able to uncover anything from simple misunderstandings to critical design flaws well before the development process starts.

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Suggesting improvements

We have years of experience in user testing of web sites, mobile apps and web shops. We normally ask unbiased test subjects to perform specific tasks under observation. The test leader asks open-ended questions, encouraging the users to think out loud and explain the choices they make. The entire session is recorded on video and we provide a comprehensive report with analysis of the result and suggested improvements.

A positive user experience

We offer various types of test. Usability testing, generative user testing and card sorting. We also carry out expert assessments, competition and comparative analyses and user surveys or various kinds. Our user-centered services work well as part of our full service offering. Our work on concept development means that everything happens in the right order. We ensure that the solution contributes to a positive user experience. 


Test labs

We have specially equipped facilities to conduct tests of different kinds. Behind the one-way mirror, you can see and hear for yourself how the test is run. Some of it might not be easy to listen to, but it is always good to know where the users are having difficulty. In addition to supervised testing we offer eye tracking. Eye tracking measures the movement of the eyes over the screen, providing extra information that the user is not consciously aware of or that is not evident from mouse movements.

Tests on mobile devices

Tests on mobile devices show how well mobile web sites and apps work with actual users. It is often a good idea to ask the test subject to use their own personal device. But we also keep a range of smartphones and tablets. They can be controlled remotely so you can easily and effectively make sure the interface looks good in all the main display resolutions.

Impact management and measurable optimization

You will get a quick return on any improvements you make to a solution that converts large numbers of visitors into customers or drives sales. We design digital products to achieve the agreed impact and user objectives. We schedule user testing early on – for example card sorting for navigation structures or usability testing using a paper sketch – in order to verify that the design works as intended. We obtain user statistics and conduct surveys during the launch and administration phases. They show that the solution is meeting the agreed objectives. They indicate whether and where there are problems, which are usually followed up with expert assessments and usability testing.  Contact us for details of how usability testing can guarantee better results.

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