Accessibility is simply about organizing products, services and environments to make them better and easier for everyone to use. It is ethically and morally right to create solutions that everyone can use. It also makes good business sense to reach more people, not forgetting search engines. 

We help you make your digital solutions accessible. 

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Accessibility for new solutions

In new projects involving new web sites or mobile apps, we consider accessibility right from the start. Our approach to accessibility is determined on the basis of web analysis, traffic, trends and devices, future objectives, intended target groups, rules and guidelines. We then feed all that into design, implementation and content creation.

Do you already have a web site?

If you already have a web site or a mobile service, are you worried about how it compares to modern Internet solutions? The minimum requirement is W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0). Wecan help you verify this through testing. We offer an accessibility test that checks if your web site follows the WCAG guidelines, and we examine some key areas going beyond the minimum requirement.

Accessibility test

Some of the areas covered by the accessibility test:

  • Technical link checking
  • CSS code checking
  • How the pages behave in browsers
  • Language assessment
  • Assessment of prompts/clear link purpose
  • Assessment of sizes and the visibility of visual elements 

If you also want to show that your web site is user friendly and accessible for users with various needs, we recommend a user test.

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Accessibility is a good thing and here’s why

Accessibility means making your web site usable by as many people as possible. Accessible solutions comply with equality legislation and create more value because they reach a larger user group. 

Almost 20 per cent of the working population have some kind of functional impairment. People might have difficulty seeing well, using the mouse/keyboard, hearing, reading or understanding. An accessible web site doesn’t just help these people. It helps people with a slow connection, a small display or a rare device, people with the sound turned down or using an old browser or operating system. Accessible web sites also work better for older users who may have motor difficulties, struggle to read small text or hear certain sounds.


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