Not only do current measurement and analysis tools provide you with the answer to which marketing is most effective and profitable, they also provide good indications and specific tips as to which changes you can make to your website, mobile application or Facebook page in order to attract more customers.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that provides access to user data and statistics about your website. You can easily gain an overview of the channels through which visitors are coming, what they are doing on your website, etc., so that you can make more informed decisions based on this data.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager enables you to quickly and easily manage tags on your website. These tags enable you to measure what people are doing on your website, which content is interesting, as well as identify improvement opportunities.

Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics 360 incorporates the main functionality of the standard version, but is designed to manage large volumes of data, as well as give you access to increased functionality and speed of reporting. Google Analytics 360 is for major players who have more data than it is possible to display in the standard version. 

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