The only thing that is certain in a digital world is that everything is changing, and is changing rapidly. Whether you are about to start a new promotion, A/B test or measure more on your website, it is important to be able to turn yourself around quickly.

Google Tag Manager makes it possible to implement and set up different scripts and tags without the need to depend on releases or overbooked developers. Google Tag Manager frees up resources and makes your digital work more effective and flexible.

  • Centralised management of scripts and tags
  • Increased flexibility through interaction opportunities, reuse of implementation and short route to publishing.
  • Heightened security through access levels, test functionality and automatic scanning of harmful scripts,
  • Enables more advanced measurements than what can be achieved with traditional implementation of an analysis tool.


Google Tag Manager 360

Google Tag Manager 360 is the enterprise version, and gives you multiple functions, as well as prioritised  support and guarantees for accessibility to the product. If you have Google Analytics 360, Google Tag Manager 360 is an integrated part of the product package.


Why choose us

We are a Google Tag Manager certified Partner and regard ourselves as having a black belt in smart and advanced use, set up and implementation. We have been Google Tag Manager certified since the tool became available in Norway, and are also a Google Tag Manager 360 dealer.

In order for Google Tag Manager to provide you with the flexibility inherent in the tool, it is crucial that the foundation is correct. We can help you with this, regardless of whether it concerns use of Google Tag Manager for the web or apps.

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