The need for an overview and insight is now greater than ever, with the options that are now available for collecting large volumes of data. There are many different data sources to relate to, which can make it difficult to maintain an overview. Data visualisation transforms figures and letters into visual stories, in order to more simply recognise trends and irregularities. There is a significant chance that trends and insight go unnoticed in traditional spreadsheets. But, if we present the same data visually in, for example, a linear diagram, then information will appear more clearly.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is now available in Norway. We are experts at data visualisation, dashboards and the Google 360 suite. Read more about the launch in in this blog. 


Do you require an even better overview of how your company performs in different channels and how you stand in relation to your targets and KPIs? Then a dashboard in Klipfolio may be the solution for you.

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