Advertising and promotions

Advertising has no effect on me. You have certainly heard this being said once or twice.. Sometimes it is spot on. In other cases, the ones we like to talk about, the brand, message, dramatisation and device are inter-balanced and carefully measured against defined target groups. Plainly put: You connect with the user with a clear message that is perceived as relevant, both in the channel in which it is being communicated and at the time it is exposed to the public. Then advertising works. There are innumerable examples.

In order to succeed with these criteria, you depend on a creative team that understands dramatised communication through text and images, analysts with insight into different target group segments, who know the interests of the individual and which media captures their attention. The options vary with the media channels, from storytelling in a 30-second spot to instant conversion one click away. Our answer is an inter-disciplinary approach based on essential insight. And the basis always constitutes the strong idea –  the foundation to all good advertising.

Social media

Social media has become a guiding factor in how we communicate and share information.

By building a presence and marketing yourself in social media, you look after existing customers better. You also reach potentially new customers and develop your brand.

Targeting and segmentation options in the social advertising platforms are nothing less than spectacular.

The user's demography, interests, previous behaviour and social connections are just some of the things you are able to target.

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