The brand's strategic positioning says something about what you represent and what value is added to the various target groups the business is directed towards; how this relates to other players in the market and also reflects the products, history and attitudes in the business. The graphic interpretation of this theoretical basis then follows, which is at least as important. Very few of us keep brand strategies on the mantelpiece and it is the visual identity that is often the first impression we form about a brand.

Brand and positioning

Brand management and attractive positioning is no less important in a digital world, but it is far more complex and demanding than it was in the 1990s, when the classic brand gurus were the heroes. We continue to follow the principles of classic branding in our consultancy work, but modernised for a digital content-driven marketplace in which the connections between supply and demand increasingly assume new forms and formats.

At Knowit we have worked with digital strategies for branding and positioning for over 15 years. We have dedicated specialists within all important digital areas of expertise. Through extensive experience, we know a lot about what provides cost-effective results for our customers. Moreover, we measure everything that is measurable - we document the effects.

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