You will benefit from

  • A plug-and-play test organisation tailored to your needs
  • A flexible and scalable complement or extension to your organisation, on-site or off-site, complete or partial, within your infrastructure or ours
  • Testing experience of both agile and more traditional methods
  • Advice on test strategies and how you can best get your wider organisation to work towards quality

Test services

There are a number of different examples of services, skills and infrastructure available in the Knowits Test Center. Some of them are embedded products / embedded systems / connected products, end-to-end (WEB, mobile apps) and verification of standards or requirements (Compliance) and we present them below.

Embedded products/ integrated systems/ connected products

  • Test lab with measuring equipment and climate chamber
  • Power measurements, communication protocols, wireless products and APIs
  • Security
  • Proprietary test automation framework that can be adapted for different product tests
  • Domain expertise in connected products and wireless communication

End-to-end (web, mobile apps)

  • Front-end to back-end testing of websites, mobile apps and mobile internet
  • Proprietary test automation framework that can be adapted for different products or solutions
  • Exploratory and context-driven testing
  • Regression, performance, security, localisation and interoperability testing

Verification of standards or requirements (compliance)

  • Extensive experience of pre-certification testing (radio standards, Bluetooth, Android CTS, DLNA etc)
  • Access to our extensive mobile phone library (>300 units)
  • Access to our global partner network for local testing in different parts of the world
  • Verification (Android CTS, BT IOT, configurations)
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