Year End Report 2014

Published 11 Feb 2015

We have improved our result and net sales for the year, as compared with 2013. In Sweden, the improvement has been marked both in the fourth quarter and for the full year. And this on an unchanged market. All operations in Sweden are showing positive development. The largest improvement is seen among the Management companies, our regional companies in Malmö and within Design & Digital in Stockholm. The Norwegian operations show continued stable and strong results. In Bergen we have during 2014 reinforced our position with new offerings and in Oslo we remain strong in the public sector.

Ventures and measures The Finnish market is still affected by a very weak market with price pressures and tough competition. Our focus during the period has therefore been on further consolidating operations. We have, among other things, closed the Russian office, adapted the organization in the web field to decrease total costs. Testing operations in Finland show a continued positive development thanks to increased sales pressure and developed offerings.

During the quarter, we have carried out several ventures to reinforce our position, primarily in Norway. We have acquired a number of smaller companies with cutting edge expertise and a presence in client segments that supplement our existing operations. We have also founded companies, in Oslo within decision support, and in Göteborg within integration. As a step in streamlining operations, we have during the quarter sold companies within IT operations in Norway and Sweden.

 Increased client value To an increasing extent, we strive to achieve collaborative gains between operations with similar business logic. We have increased collaborations between units with operations in web and portal solutions, strategic development, decision support and system development, respectively. This new perspective is combined with our governance on a regional level. In this way, we develop the market and create added value for clients and owners.

New client needs Purchasing of consultancy services is increasingly coming from the line operations of clients. Market departments buy services in digital communication, HR departments buy services for support systems and management groups order education in agile leadership. Knowit create unique customer value by combining expertise in Management, IT and Design and Digital.

Confidence It is very positive that we have a continued positive development in Sweden, that we are strong in Norway and that we have taken actions in Finland. Despite the challenges in Finland, we have increased our result and net sales.

I feel high confidence in our ability to, through collaborating specialist units, both drive and adapt to the needs of clients and the demands of the market. Knowit is a company that not only develops its clients’ business in a new way, but also creates new business opportunities in a complex and dynamic environment.

Per Wallentin CEO and President

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