Swedish courts invest in greater openness

Published 12 Oct 2013

Knowit has developed the site www.oppendomstol.se for The Swedish National Courts Administration. The website is part of a venture to make the Swedish Courts open and accessible. It will be launched ahead of Saturday 12 October, when the Swedish Courts will for the first time simultaneously organize Open Courts for the general public. Knowit is also supplier of other ventures into increased accessibility online, including the app ”The Court Guide” and the blog ”My workday.”

Open Courts is a large, joint venture on the part of the Swedish Courts – aimed to spread knowledge to the general public about how the courts operate. Knowit was given the confidence to build the website oppendomstol.se, which describes how a trial is conducted, why the court makes the judgment it does and other issues that the general public wonders about.

–  We are proud to have delivered these services to the Swedish National Courts Administration. The work was characterized by great openness – giving and taking, between purchasers at the Swedish National Courts Administration and Knowit, says Bengt Ybe, client manager at Knowit.

To create another method of communicating the Court’s work, Knowit was given the assignment of creating a mobile app, The Court Guide, which will provide detailed information to anyone summoned to appear in court. Through the app, a person summoned to appear in court can quickly and easily get the information needed in order to prepare for what will happen. Through the app, as through the website, visitors can also access new video clips showing how District Courts and Administrative courts work. The app can be downloaded through App Store, or Google Play

Another aspect of Open Courts includes a blog – domstolsvardag.se. Through this blog, judges and directors currently working in Swedish Courts describe their work in a personal, down-to-earth way. The posts answer questions such as which situations a judge can be confronted with on a regular workday. What do they do? What do they think about and ponder?

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