Release of Sweden’s very first comic book in the management field – They call us IT consultants

Published 20 Jan 2015

The entertaining new book from Stefan Thungren (script) and Lotta Sjöberg (illustrations) is perfect if you want to become a successful consultant, without having to read 900 pages incomprehensible or obvious business theories.

The book largely focuses on how the modern person handles the puzzle that is life. We all have different roles and requirements from our surroundings, at work, in our social lives and in the private sphere, often colliding with our basic needs to be successful, socially accepted and loved – not least by ourselves. With a humorous and furtive glance at management literature, the book describes how each of us can satisfy these new basic needs.

They call us IT consultants is a humorous comic book, commenting on the contemporary fascination with modern technology and how tech has increasingly come to govern our lives. Today, we are all in some sense surrounded by IT, invisibly affecting our actions. By always being connected and accessible, we become prisoners in a parallel universe, where our cyber selves filter out the everyday. The comic strip highlights the contrast between our human foibles and our unattainable ideal lives.

The authors introduced Stefan Thungren is a journalist and script writer, who has done regular work for Svenska Dagbladet since 1998. He is a popular music buff and happily appears in the media whenever Fleetwood Mac B-sides or the relationship between beards and disco music are discussed. Together with the illustrator Pelle Forshed, he creates the cartoon Stockholmsnatt, which has been regularly published in Svenska Dagbladet since 2005. Four cartoon albums have been compiled since the start and this spring a ten-year anniversary book will be published: "Tio år med Stockholmsnatt."

Lotta Sjöberg is trained at Konstfack and works as a cartoonist and illustrator. She has worked for, among others, Svenska Dagbladet, Vi föräldrar and several Swedish trade unions. Since 2009, she runs the popular Facebook group Family living, the true story, which in the fall of 2014 resulted in the photo book ”Orka torka”. Her debut in 2005 was the comic book ”Bebisbekännelser - guide för nybörjarföräldrar”. In 2011, her second book ”Family living, den ostädade sanningen” was published. Her latest comic book ”Det kan alltid bli värre” was published in the spring of 2014.

Facts: They call us IT consultants is published by Knowit, one of the leading consultancy firms in the Nordic region. The book is 135 pages and will be available for sale from book stores around the country, as well as e-book stores. ISBN 978-91-637-6922-1.

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