Proposed Board and Chairman of the Board

Published 04 Feb 2016

The Nomination Committee proposes to the AGM on April 27 2016 that the Board members Carl-Olof By, Liselotte Hägertz Engstam, Camilla Monefeldt Kirstein, Mats Olsson, Jon Risfelt and Pekka Seitola be re-elected. Cecilia Lager has declined re-election. Eva Elmstedt is proposed as a new Board member. Mats Olsson is proposed as Chairman of the Board.

Eva Elmstedt has a background from various management positions Nokia Networks and Ericsson. She is currently a board member of the listed companies Addtech, Gunnebo and Proact.

Information on the board members suggested for re-election is available at

The Nomination Committee was attached great weight to the matter of even gender distribution in the Board. If the AGM accepts the Committee’s proposal, Knowit’s Board will consist of three women and four men.All proposed Board members are independent in relation to the company, management and major shareholders. All proposed Board members have experience of the requirements placed on a listed company. 

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