New intranet for Statkraft

Published 23 Apr 2013

Knowit has been given the assignment, worth over SEK eleven million, to develop and manage the new intranet and collaboration platform of Statkraft. The new intranet is being developed by Knowit in Göteborg and Oslo. Statkraft’s new intranet will be launched in September 2013. Knowit also has the assignment of managing the existing collaboration platform and its applications.

The new intranet will manifest The Statkraft Way, the corporation’s  expression of values, vision and its operations. In addition, it will  improve interactivity and collaboration within Statkraft. The solution  is centered on the search function, so the organization can efficiently share, search for and find information. The intranet will efficiently  support employees in their daily tasks, by providing a unified user  interface, regardless of the user or his/her tasks. It will also offer  modern communication tools, tailored to meet operational needs.

– So far, we are very pleased with the collaboration with Knowit. We have easy communication, trust and a lot of go in the project. We sense a  positive energy in the project, with constructive dialogue between  Statkraft employees and Knowit consultants, says Tone Dahle, Head of  Internal Communication at Statkraft.

– The close and open collaboration with Statkraft is a factor in the success of this project. I am very pleased that Statkraft has given us the chance to come in at an early stage and lay a solid foundation, as well as the confidence to realize the solution in an iterative way, says  Per Johan Andersson, delivery manager at Knowit.

Yet another goal with Statkraft’s new intranet is that employees  should be able to actively solve problems together, in safe and adequate   collaboration areas. Just like the current intranet, Statkraft’s new  intranet will be used to spread news and information, as well as provide   access to the 450 applications and services used in the daily work of the corporation.

The new search-centered intranet will be implemented in EPiServer,  with SharePoint as the collaboration platform and Virtualworks as search   engine.

Statkraft is an energy company owned by the Norwegian government,  with 3,400 employees in twenty countries. Statkraft provides over 30  percent of Norway’s energy production and is the largest producer of  renewable energy in Europe.

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