New external website for the Wasa museum

Published 26 Apr 2016

Knowit has developed a new external website for the Wasa museum, named one of the ten most interesting museums in the world. The new website is an important channel for the Wasa museum in their work for reaching new visitors and becoming accessible to everyone.

- We have, with the new, gained a modern digital presence with high availability. With our new image, we want to give the visitor a ’wow’-feeling that incites them to visit the museum, but also gives those not visiting the museum an experience. We have gotten a lot of positive feedback from visitors, which indicates that we have succeeded, says Annika Hedin Lagerholm, project manager at the National Maritime Museums in Sweden.

In the developmental work, the project has had high requirements on accessibility for all visitors, and on offering something to every target group. With a museum audience consisting of 80 % international visitors, the international target group is important and the new website supports 40 languages.

– We performed an extensive effects mapping, which gave us a solid foundation for creating a concept and design for the new digital presence. In parallel, the old website was reviewed, to identify which information was relevant for migration. After that, the developmental work began, with iterative creation of the new sites, says Fredrik Grahn, client manager at Knowit Experience.

– We are very pleased with Knowit’s commitment, inspiration and delivery of our new site for the Wasa museum and look forward to the next stage in our joint digital journey, says Annika Hedin Lagerholm.

Knowit has, for the National Maritime Museums in Sweden, continued the collaboration with a focus on an e-commerce solution regarding ticket sales and tour guide bookings.

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