New digital platform for recycling in the electronics sector

Published 30 Mar 2017 Amund Brandsrud, Sales manager Knowit Experience to the left and Stig Ervik, CEO Norsirk

Norwegian Norsirk has chosen Knowit as a collaboration partner for creation of a new digital platform to simplify and facilitate everyday work for the producers taking their producer responsibility through Norsirk.

Norsirk is a nationwide producer responsibility organization that recycles electric and electronic products, batteries and packaging through around 2,500 collection sites in Norway.

”The new platform and client portal will streamline work for our clients. With the new solution, it will become more apparent how producer responsibility is connected to the recycling economy. I am sure the collaboration with Knowit will reinforce our competitive edge dramatically,” says Stig Ervik, Norsirk’s CEO.

Norsirk currently has several different business systems that are used by clients, suppliers and Norsirk itself. To optimize and streamline the work of all these stakeholders, Knowit has been tasked with developing a new client portal with the working name NorsirkPortalen.

”The goal with the new portal is to achieve a recycling system based on the latest technology. The modern digital solution will be user-friendly, while also streamlining and automating the processes of Norsirk. This is a very interesting client for us and we are looking forward to delivering a solution that helps streamline the important work that Norsirk does for the environment,” says Amund Brandsrud, sales manager at Knowit Experience.

Norsirk collects, reprocesses and recycles waste in accordance with each client’s producer responsibility. Through the Norwegian Ordinance on Waste, companies that import or produce electric and electronic products, batteries and packaging for the Norwegian market are liable to finance the collection, sorting and processing of waste. Norsirk is in charge of conducting this work in accordance with the legislation in force, by order of its clients.

The new NorsirkPortalen will be integrated with multiple public authorities, including SSB (Statistisk Sentralbyrå, Statistics Norway), TAD (Toll- og avgiftsdirektoratet, the Norwegian Customs) and the EE register (Miljødirektoratet, Norwegian Environment Agency).

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The image shows Amund Brandsrud, sales manager at Knowit Experience to the left, and Stig Ervik, CEO Norsirk.

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