Knowit rewards innovative thesis projects

Published 27 May 2014

Knowit has instituted an annual scholarship of up to SEK 34,100 to students at the University College of Gävle. The purpose is to encourage and stimulate innovative students to develop their ideas further. The scholarship is a reward for excellence in college studies, particularly innovative thesis projects – in any field of studies.

– We want to encourage innovative thinking to facilitate the development of anything original and significantly new. Knowit is a company that applies a large amount of innovation in all our daily operations, both in our own companies and within our clients’ operations. The scholarship is an extension of our own operations, says Hans Reinikainen, initiator and head of  Knowit Gävleborg.

– The University College of Gävle strives for a sustainable living environment for mankind. In order to achieve this, it is vital to support and encourage new ideas and innovations, as well as education and research. It is the developmental drive of individuals which shapes and creates our future. We are very proud to have a new scholarship that rewards innovation and look forward to an exciting collaboration with Knowit in finding this year’s most innovative thesis project, says Maj-Britt Johansson, director of the University College of Gävle.

The scholarship applications are assessed in two steps. In the first step, the academic merits of the applicant are reviewed. This review will result in a preliminary statement determined by the scholarship committee, consisting of academics from the University College of Gävle and representatives from Knowit. In the second step, the innovative qualities will be reviewed. This review is done by a representative from Knowit, in consultation with a representative from the scholarship committee, taking into account four different dimensions:

Innovative threshold – the level of news value Strategic threshold – the level of future orientation Realistic threshold – the level of feasibility Value-creating threshold – the level of economic, cultural, social and qualitative value

The scholarship will be presented annually, as a collaboration between Knowit and the University College of Gävle.

The University College of Gävle strives for a sustainable living environment for mankind. We are a modern, development- oriented college with around 15,000 students. We offer around 50 educational programs and tertiary educations. Our 500 courses encompass the fields of the humanities, social and natural sciences and technology.

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