Knowit Is Now Etera’s ICT Service Partner for Testing and Quality Assurance

Published 03 Dec 2015

Etera Mutual Pension Insurance Company in Finland has signed a three year ICT Service Partner Agreement with Knowit Oy giving Knowit an important role in developing Etera`s software testing and quality assurance processes.

The cooperation is expected to result in significant savings and improvement in overall efficiency as well as in an improvement in service quality for Etera`s clients.

- We are very excited about this new service agreement as the model of cooperation we will be using enables us to delve very deep into the client organization. We will be able to, together with Etera, plan and develop various testing and quality assurance processes, models and best practices, says Ville Särmälä, CEO of Knowit Oy.

Knowit has extensive experience in working with companies from the pension insurance and finance sectors. Together with its client Finnish Centre for Pensions, Knowit won the Best Public Sector Testing Project category at the European Software Testing Awards. 

- We chose Knowit as our partner as they have strong evidence of work well done and solid experience within the pension insurance sector. Working with Knowit, we believe we are able to ramp up the quality of our services to a completely new level, says Janne Ruuska, Chief Information Officer at Etera.

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