Knowit is growing within e-commerce and strengthening its offering in southern Sweden

Published 20 Sep 2017

Knowit has seen a strong increase in demand and growth within e-commerce in the past year. This is true both in Sweden and in the rest of the Nordic region. The business field e-commerce has grown and now has more than 50 specialists in strategy, design and development.

New e-commerce solutions with high conversion rates have been developed for both the consumer market and B2B. Some examples of clients that have grown their e-commerce business with the help of Knowit are Jula, Vagabond and FeetFirst (Nilson Group). On the B2B market, clients include Hiab, Ejendals and Toyota (Material Handling).

To strengthen the e-commerce deal and enable faster growth, Knowit’s digital agency in southern Sweden is being merged with the independent e-commerce company in Malmö.

- A merger gives us more leverage and flexibility and ensures further growth in future, says Johan Kuru, CEO of Knowit Experience in Malmö.

Knowit Experience is the largest digital agency in the Nordic region and one of the three business fields of the Knowit group. Today, it encompasses 600 specialists in eight locations in the Nordic region.

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