Knowit invests in legal agency within IT law

Published 28 Sep 2017 Knowit's agency in IT Law

Many companies and organizations experience difficulties in tackling the technical and legal challenges of digitization and the information society. The Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), cyber security and complex procurement regulations are just a few areas found at the interface between law and technology. Knowit is therefore establishing a consulting agency to offer organized support in the long term regarding questions that arise through digitization.

Knowit Digital Law offers unique support to companies as regards adapting their operations to the laws and regulations that come with digitization. Business processes are digitized and information streams moved to the internet, making organizations vulnerable. Questions regarding information security and personal integrity, for instance, are both sensitive and complex, and can have serious consequences in the form of fines as well as a damaged reputation or brand.

- There is a high demand for more organized support at the interface between IT, law and business. Therefore, we have gathered a team of experts in technology-related law, who also have wide experience of managing and implementing projects in companies and organizations. We can also contribute with competence and support on how to prepare for future possibilities and challenges that come with the new rules, says Knowit’s president Per Wallentin.

One current example is the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which enters into force on 25 May 2018. It will replace the Personal Data Act and entails stronger protection of personal data. Many are not aware of the extensive consequences for their own companies. High requirements on clearly stating which data they gather about people and how these data are to be used are combined with requirements on reporting how long the information will be used and if any third party is to be given access to it. An oversight can lead to very high fines. Many companies and organizations are unsure about how to deal with the new rules.

- Complex legal investigations and legal advice are often hard to implement, as they become overly abstract and are not always grounded in the real world. The clients are left on their own, neither wiser nor better protected from perceived threats and risks. Most companies need a strategy for IT-related matters that also includes an understanding of relevant legal aspects, says Knowit’s president Per Wallentin.

Knowit Digital Law has built up a team of people with extensive experience of legal work from companies and authorities. The company has a unique experience in the field, as well as expertise from fields like the vehicle industry, IT and telecom, energy, the public sector, the defense sector and the police.

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