Knowit increases profit, margin and net sales

Published 25 Oct 2017

Knowit increased its EBITA profit by 43.3 percent, to SEK 187.1 million for the first nine months of the year. The margin and net sales also increased, to 9.6 percent and SEK 1,952.3 million, respectively. Earnings per share increased to SEK 6.90.

Within Knowit’s three business fields, demand is very high in general. Geographically, demand varies between different regions. In Sweden and Norway, demand has been high. On the Finnish market, demand has continued to improved.

- We have continued to increase the profit, margin and sales during the third quarter, and throughout the first nine months of the year. Despite high competition regarding new employees, we have continued to hire new consultants during the year. says Per Wallentin, CEO and President of Knowit AB.

The number of employees has increased by 172 people during 2017. On September 30, 2,039 people were employed within the Group.

- Knowit is a very attractive choice for new employees and we see a very high interest for both Knowit in general and for job openings. In early September we could welcome around 100 new employees in our introduction program, says Per Wallentin.

Knowit has a good distribution of clients in many different industries. This creates stability, as the company is not dependent on the development in one or just a few industries. This highest proportion of sales comes from the public sector, the manufacturing industry, retail, and banking and finance.

- Societal digitalization is fast and creates new values. When used correctly, digitalization contributes to a better environment, increased interaction between people and a stronger economy. It is important that our work contributes to creating a humane and sustainable society, says Per Wallentin.

The full report is available here.

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