Knowit hires expert from the Swedish Security Services in a new venture

Published 19 Feb 2016

Knowit is hiring Maria Mörk as head of a new venture in the growing field of security protection, i.e., security relating to espionage, sabotage and terrorism. Maria has worked as head of information security at the Swedish Security Services for ten years.

Thanks to the new Act on Security Protection, the security field is expanding from handling confidential information and secure compounds to covering operations of importance for Swedish national security. Examples include IT systems of central importance for a functional society. The act is expected to enter into force during 2017.

– Several of Knowit’s clients have already started preparing ahead of the new act. Because of this, we are particularly pleased that Maria Mörk will be working for us, as she has been working for the authority doing most of the operative handling of this type of data, says Peter Lindstedt, CEO at Knowit Secure.

Maria Mörk has 25 years’ experience from the Swedish Security Services in a variety of roles, e.g., head of information security, head of IT security and pro tempore head of security and security protection. She has also worked internationally as an information security expert for Europol.

– I chose Knowit because it is one of the most knowledge-intense companies on the market. I very much look forward to sharing my experiences, but also learning from others, says Maria Mörk.

Knowit has many of Sweden’s most exciting clients in the security field, ranging from emergency responders to banks and smaller communications agencies. The consultants work with the full range of security issues, from strategic management issues to deep technical matters like computer forensic investigations and security analyses of mobile platforms.

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