Knowit delivers new operational system to TLV

Published 03 May 2012

Knowit has signed an agreement with the Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency, TLV, regarding development of a new operational support system. The project is a total commitment involving requirements handling, architecture, design, system development and testing. The system is to be delivered in December 2012.

TLV is a government authority charged with determining if pharmaceutical products, medical products or dental treatments should be state-subsidized and included in the patient-cost ceiling. The new operational system will support and streamline this work.

Knowit won the competitive purchasing process with high scores in the quality ranking, thanks in part to extensive experience of total commitments and high competence in the supply organization. Knowit also has long experience of delivering systems to the public sector, a segment with provided 24 percent of Knowit’s net sales in 2011.

– This is a business-critical project for TLV, so it is important both to them and to us. It is very gratifying to be given the confidence of contributing to one of the largest changes currently planned by TLV, says Carl Östholm, client manager at Knowit.

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