Knowit becomes the digital agency of AstraZeneca

Published 25 Feb 2015

Knowit in Jönköping will become the digital agency of AstraZeneca (Nordic) regarding application management and further development of websites, digital newsletters and apps, thus taking a holistic approach to AstraZenecas digital communication. The agreement spans several years, with an option for extension, and may generate several job opportunities at Knowit in Jönköping.

A first stage of the delivery is a comprehensive portal for healthcare personnel, with the latest news from the AstraZeneca sphere. Videos, seminars, product information and conference blogs will all be gathered in the same place.

– The reason we selected Knowit as our supplier is their capacity to supply digital services in tried and proven, professional manner, says Andrea Norgren, Digital Marketing Director at AstraZeneca.

A unique aspect of a pharmaceutical company’s digital presence is the body of requirements affecting how work should be conducted. There are particular requirements from authorities that mean everything must be reviewed carefully, from an ethical, medicinal and regulatory perspective. This makes for high demands on a well-defined process, meticulous testing and follow-up.

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