Knowit bands together for refugees in need

Published 10 Sep 2015

Knowit employees have taken the initiative to contribute to the UN refugee agency UNHCR. Following an group-wide appeal, Knowit subsidiaries have collected SEK 410,000. The huge ongoing refugee crisis has affected many employees deeply. And when one employee went from empathy to action, the fund-raising began.

On beaches where we have sat in sun loungers and enjoyed our time off and the weather, people are now fighting for their futures. Almost all people living in the Nordic region are among the richest people in the world and many Knowit employees felt it was time to share our wealth with those fleeing war, poverty, starvation and death. Knowit’s subsidiaries have banded together to contribute.

– At Knowit Secure, we felt that we had to pitch in. Therefore, we decided to challenge our colleagues to give a contribution to UNHCR. If all of us donate, we can contribute to relieving the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War. And when our CEO Per Wallentin supported the idea, the fund-raising began. The response was much larger than expected. I am very proud to work at a company with this attitude, says Åsa Schwarz at Knowit Secure.

– Many people, myself among them, have been deeply affected by the ongoing refugee crisis. I have over the past few days received many suggestions from our employees regarding how we can help. Offers have ranged from private contributions to spending free time working for an organization or asking Knowit to contribute. I am both happy and proud that so many people have gotten in touch with me. It shows that we care, says Per Wallentin, CEO and president of Knowit.

UNHCR is a non-political organization founded in 1950 after a resolution from the UN General Assembly. The mandate of UNHCR is to provide international protection to refugees and to seek permanent solutions for them.

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