Knowit and Tableau initiate collaboration

Published 07 Apr 2014

Knowit is initiating a long-term partnership with Tableau Software. This collaboration means Knowit will further strengthen its Business Intelligence (BI) offering through the delivery of tools for visualization, analytics and self-service BI. It also that means Knowit is consolidating its offerings within BI and design.

Tableau is a tool that facilitates simple and efficient availability and analysis of BI information. The information can then easily be presented and shared on the web or through the internet.

– Through this partnership, we have consolidated our design and communication operations with our offerings in BI, providing an easy and efficient way to integrate interactive visualizations and analytics on a website, says Håkan Alsén of Knowit Decision in Göteborg.

Tableau Software helps users see and understand data. Tableau makes it possible to quickly analyze, visualize and share information. Over 17,000 customers and tens of thousands of users use Tableau Public to share data in blogs and on websites.

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