Know IT supplies LKAB with web

Published 07 Feb 2012

Know IT in Norrland has been given the assignment of developing and maintaining LKAB’s external, global website. The new website is developed in Sundsvall, Umeå and Luleå. The assignment, worth over SEK five million, means that Know IT in Sundsvall, Umeå and Luleå must hire more staff. Know IT has also been given additional orders of developing new websites for the subsidiaries LKAB Fastigheter, LKAB Berg & Betong and Wassara.

– It feels great that the solid venture we’ve made into the web field has resulted in us carrying out this project. It’s especially pleasing that we will now hire new employees in three locations: Sundsvall, Umeå and Luleå, says Erik Johansson, head of Know IT’s operations in Norrland.

The goal of the assignment, which is worth around SEK five million, is to strengthen LKAB’s brand and attract new employees to the company. Recruitment is a crucial issue for LKAB, as the company must hire on average two people per day through 2015. The new website is an important part of this process. It must also mirror LKAB’s world leading position as a pellets supplier on the iron ore market. The new website goes live in February 2012.

– Know IT has high competence and an excellent way of collaborating and communicating. They have a clarity we appreciate and made a very good presentation. We got a good impression of their thoughts and how they work. Their work method in systems development is in line with what we want. We get along, which makes the site even better. Everyone in the web project contributes with experience and competence in a very good way, and despite our being spread out from Kiruna in the north to Stockholm in the south, we communicate very well, says Leif Boström, financial manager at LKAB.

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