Kari Kakkonen got position of trust in software testing field

Published 28 Apr 2015

Knowit Oy’s Director of Quality and Competences, Kari Kakkonen has been elected to the global Executive Committee of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB). Kakkonen was elected as the new Treasurer in The General Assembly meeting of ISTQB® - the International Software Testing Qualifications Board in Tel-Aviv in the end of March. ISTQB® elected four people to lead the global organization for the next two years.

- We are really proud of the remarkable position of trust that Kari received. Kari and Knowit have done hard work for testing training and the whole quality assurance field for many years. I wish to congratulate Kari, says Ville Särmälä, CEO of Knowit Oy.

Kakkonen is one of the founding members of the Finnish Software Testing Board (FiSTB) and has been leading FiSTB successfully since 2010 as its chairman. Knowit is also a Platinum Partner of FiSTB/ISTQB and a very active training provider. Knowit Oy's course portfolio includes a number of ISTQB courses leading to certificates.

ISTQB is a non-profit organization, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, whose mission is to advance the software testing profession. It is supported in its operations by 49 member boards and exam providers, covering over 100 countries. As of December 2014, ISTQB® has issued over 380.000 certificates world-wide. FiSTB is Member Board of ISTQB® and it cordinates ISTQB activities and organizes ISTQB® certification exams in Finland.

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