Interim report Q1 2017

Published 25 Apr 2017

The positive development continues for Knowit. We have begun 2017 as strongly as we ended 2016, improving the profit and sales in all three of our business fields, while also recruiting even more employees.

We are well-positioned toward companies and authorities with digitalization high up on the agenda. Succeeding in the fast transformation requires openness and courage to question the accustomed work methods, both on our part and on that of our clients.

Three strong business fields

We continue to develop our business in three business fields that jointly offer our clients high-value solutions and projects. In my view, it is important that we keep up a good pace in developing new, relevant client offerings, ensuring high usage of resources and keeping efficiency a priority within our organization.

In the business field Experience, we have a continued positive profit development, with increased sales. This success is thanks to long-term sales efforts combined with streamlining in the past few years.

Our business field for management consultancy, Insight, is powering ahead with increased sales and growth. We have taken a next step with investing in recruitment. This is important, as we are seeing increased demand for management consultants with an understanding of technological development, combined with creative thinking.

In our largest business field, Solutions, where we have increased the number of consultants, we are seeing strong development with higher profit and increased sales. The market is demanding consultants who understand client operations and have cutting-edge technical competence. This, combined with our high efficiency in everything from sales to deliveries, is the reason for the positive development.

More people are working at Knowit

A consultancy firm’s most important competitive advantage is its competent, professional employees. At Knowit, consultants have the opportunity to identify and develop new offerings on a dynamic, changeable market. We attract employees who like to take the initiative and work with clients to find new solutions.

There is great interest in working at Knowit. During this quarter, we have increased the number of employees by 62 people.

A better society

The digitalization of society is moving quickly, creating new values. When used correctly, technology contributes to a better environment, increased interaction between people and a stronger economy. It is important to me that our work contributes to creating a better society. For this reason, we have adopted the vision of creating a sustainable, humane society through digitalization and innovation.

Looking ahead

When things are going well, it is important to look ahead. For us, it is important to help our clients develop in an increasingly fast-paced world. Thanks to our high strategic capacity, broad technical competence and innovative thinking, we create unique values for clients, employees and shareholders − as well as for society at large.

Per Wallentin
CEO and President

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