Interim report January-September 2016

Published 25 Oct 2016

We are seeing a continued positive development during the third quarter. Net sales are increasing. Results and margin are following suit. The market is good in both Sweden and Norway and there is some improvement in the demand in Finland, where we have broadened our client market to the public sector.

The main reason for our improved result is our ability to be correctly positioned in the fast adaptation to digitalization that many of our clients are going through, will also increasing our efficiency and resource usage.

A FOCUS ON THE CLIENTS’ BUSINESSES I am very pleased with the business field Insight, where we have been investing in growth for a few years and are now seeing positive development with increased sales and a good margin. We are seeing increased demand for management consultants with understanding of the fast technical development, combined with offering creative and innovative thinking. The next step will be to increase growth in the field, while retaining the margin.

In the business field Solutions, which constitutes our core operations in IT consultancy, we have high demand which has led to increased debiting. We know a lot about our clients’ operations, which means that we can contribute with real business value in project deliverables.

In our third business field Experience, we must improve our margins. We have streamlined operations with lower profitability, in Jönköping and Stavanger, as well as merging seven companies into two in Norway. Of course, this requires efforts and energy. The work has proceeded according to plan and I am already seeing that we have greater energy and are more focused on helping our clients develop.

GREAT POTENTIAL FOR EMPLOYEE GROWTH In the latest survey from Universum, we remain among the top consultancy firms when IT students rank their ideal employers. Knowit grows when we, together with our skilled employees, develop new offerings on a fast and changeable market.

Our profile as entrepreneurial, quick and decentralized attracts employees who like to take the initiative and find new solutions in collaboration with our clients.

DIGITALIZATION MAKES LIFE EASIER Digitalization is increasing in our field. Digitalization occurs constantly in our surroundings, creating new values in our clients’ operations. One area in which we have several ongoing initiatives is robotization of service production, an exciting area which will change several of our clients’ operations fundamentally.

In the public sector, where we have a very strong position, digitalization is contributing to great societal gains and benefits for us as citizens, by streamlining administration and shortening handling times. I am proud that our work contributes to a better society, a simpler life for us as citizens and more efficient government interactions for companies.

THE RIGHT POSITION FOR CONTINUED SUCCESS We are well-positioned in relation to companies and authorities that have digitalization high on their agendas. In order to succeed in the fast-moving evolution, you need openness and courage to challenge what feels accustomed. Thanks to our high competence within technology and business and our geographic and cultural closeness to our clients, create unique values for our clients, employees and shareholders.

Per Wallentin, CEO and President

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