Interim Report January-September 2015

Published 22 Oct 2015

The digitalization of society, meaning that people, products and organizations can communicate with each other in new ways, creates opportunities for new deals and increased competitiveness. With over 25 years’ experience of IT, strategy and creativity, we create unique values for our clients. Since Knowit’s founding, we have gathered an impressive knowledge and reference bank from a large range of industries, including banking and finance, retail, the manufacturing industry, the public sector and telecommunications.

Positive development During the first nine months of the year, we have improved our profit, sales and margin as compared with the corresponding quarter in 2014. In Norway and Sweden, we continue to grow. This year we have increased the number of employees by 26 people. The Swedish operations show positive development. In Norway, development is stable.

In Finland, we have continued increased sales and a positive result with a higher margin. This is despite a weak market with low demand and high competitiveness. We have during this quarter continued to expand our deal in the public sector, for instance through the signing of new frame agreements.

We have, together with our Norwegian client Norad, been awarded the Farmand award for best site of a public organization. The communication site has named our blog one of the most inspirational blogs for business and trade. And Universum has in “Karriärguiden” once again ranked Knowit as one of the most attractive workplaces in both Norway and Sweden.

Continual improvement We are sticking to our strategy of investing where we see opportunities, while also carrying out streamlining where the operations show weak development.

During this quarter, we have finalized liquidation of our already wound-down operations in Saint Petersburg. In Stockholm, we have integrated two companies in IT maintenance and decreased the overhead. We see high demand for e-commerce solutions and have there fore founded an operation based in Malmö.

Digitalization and innovation Digitalization and globalization are constantly changing the playing field. Speed and innovation are now crucial to the success of companies and organizations. Innovation is no longer the concern of a select few, but requires creative leaders, new processes and a culture that supports innovation in all parts of the organization.

In October, we gathered 200 clients and partners for an innovation conference in Stockholm. Some of the world’s leading authorities in innovation and leadership, including Nathan Furr, professor at INSEAD in Paris, and Darren Mowry, Head of Amazon Web Services, as well as Knowit’s own experts, discussed with the participants how they and their companies could meet the challenges of society’s digitalization in the best way possible.

At Knowit, we are 1,100 specialists in IT, 500 specialists in Design & Digital, and 200 management consultants. Our capacity to understand the operations of our clients and our offerings at the interface between technology, design and management steering give us deals on the part of the market that is growing most quickly. Together, we take responsibility for developing our clients, our company and value for investors.

Per Wallentin EO and President

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