Interim Report January-September 2013

Published 23 Oct 2013

During this quarter, we have seen increased earnings per share. This is thanks to hard work on a tough market. It is also an effect of the past years’ focus on organic growth rather than acquisitiondriven growth. Earnings per share is one of our most important goals. We have also improved our cash flow. The efforts we have made have shown good results.

Demand is on par with earlier quarters but shows large disparity between different areas and offerings. Our strategy is to develop and expand in areas that show high demand and quickly adapt our operations to suit the needs of the market. Development in the third quarter has been positive for Knowit.

Market On the Norwegian market, we have increased both sales and profit. The Finnish market has, however, weakened further during the quarter. In Sweden, the market is unchanged. On the competitive local markets in Göteborg and Malmö, we have improved our result.

The ability to meet new needs During the quarter, we have continued to increase our offerings in the operation fields Management and Design & Digital. This is part of our strategy to create growth in more qualified service fields. We can see that technology development, coupled with altered client behavior, places new demands on us as a supplier.

The demand for more qualified services is most obvious in our operation field IT. There, we are increasing deliveries, for example of services involving integration of different systems. Through our ability to adapt our operations to suit demand, we continue to gain market shares.

Promising conditions Our geographic presence on many local markets and in many industry fields, combined with our ability to adapt the operations, have given us a strong position in difficult times. It is my firm belief that Knowit, even on the current market which is difficult to assess, has the right conditions for continued strong profitability and growth.

Per Wallentin CEO and President

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