Interim report January-June 2015

Published 17 Jul 2015

Increased profit Increased margin Increased sales

We have seen improved results and increased sales within all our offerings: Design & Digital, Management and IT. Knowit creates unique client value in the accelerating digitalization thanks to cross-border deliveries from all our offerings. The capacity to combine these different competencies is what sets us apart from other consultancy firms.

Satisfied customers Knowit has a long history recognised of high competence, short decision pathways and continual development. This is an important part of our capacity to deliver quality. In Radar’s report on IT supplier quality in Sweden as regards client satisfaction and perceived quality, we are once again ranked among the top five suppliers in the categories Business solutions and Consultancy services.

A continued positive development For the first half year as for the second quarter, we have improved our profit, margin and sales compared with the corresponding periods in 2014. As demand is on par with earlier quarters, it is mainly our capacity to act quickly which creates improved efficiency in our operations.

The positive development in Sweden continues for all our operations. In Norway, the results are stable and we have high profitability. The Finnish operations are also showing positive results during this quarter. Despite a very weak market, our efforts to widen the client base have shown results. It is gratifying that we have won a few important agreements in the public sector, for example with Hansel, the Finnish government’s central purchasing body.

Improved efficiency We are developing Knowit by investing where we see opportunities, while also carrying out streamlining where the operations show weak development. During this quarter, we have continued to streamline our operations.

The closing down of Knowit Mälardalen in Västerås is going to plan. In Stockholm we have, in addition to decreasing our overhead and strenghten our sales, also created a closer connection between Knowit Uppsala and Knowit Stockholm. In this way, we optimize our deals in both these adjacent local markets. Not least as regards sales and deliveries.

Within our company in business intelligence in Oslo, which has showed weak profitability during the spring, we have replaced the management team and reduced redundancies.

An attractive workplace In Universum’s survey among IT students in Finland, Norway and Sweden regarding the Nordic region’s most popular employers, Knowit was ranked among the most attractive companies. Knowit is known as a good workplace, giving each employee good developmental possibilities, in an environment characterized by high competence and stimulating assignments.

Quick development We have 1,150 specialists in IT, 450 specialists in Design & Digital, offering services in digital marketing and web solutions, and 200 management consultants. Their capacity to understand the operations of our clients and our offerings at the interface between technology, design and management steering gives us deals on the part of the market that is growing most quickly.

Knowit operates on a market in continual development, with new purchasing patterns, a changed competitive situation and increased technological maturity. Deep specialist competence, understanding of our clients’ operations and needs give us the right conditions for continued success. Together, we take responsibility for developing our clients, our company and value for investors.

Per Wallentin, CEO and President

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