Flexim Security digitalizes with Knowit’s help

Published 15 Apr 2016

The security company Flexim has chosen Knowit as supplier of progressive quality assurance methods. In order to further improve the quality of Flexim’s product development, Knowit was tasked with assisting in quality assurance and testing. The collaboration has meant that Knowit’s consultants were integrated into Flexim’s agile processes.

Flexim is a trendsetter in the security technology sector and a growth company, as well as the leading expert on worry-free and safe access control in Finland. Flexim invests in product and service development and representatives from various client groups as well as experts and visionaries within security and ICT are actively involved in Flexim’s product and service development and planning processes.

- We chose Knowit as we knew they had solid experience in quality assurance and testing. We needed to move fast and Knowit had the ability to react and produce the needed resources and expertise within the required time constraints in a swift and flexible manner. One of the partner requirements was the ability to jump-the-train, as we would not have had the time and resources to provide in-depth training to any new people joining the project. Knowit worked around the problem by investing heavily on training during the first phases of cooperation, says Eljas Saastamoinen, CTO at Flexim Security.

System errors and flaws can be found in early product development phases and corrections can be implemented in less than two weeks. Prior to using quality assurance and testing services, it could take up to two months to fix issues found. The time spent on fixing errors has come down by 75 percent.

- The drive of the project members has been key to successful collaboration as there may not be any existing processes when you are developing something new. Experience and expert knowledge in quality assurance played a major role in some stages of this project. A need to document the process arose and here Knowit was able to offer significant added value. The software quality assurance process developed by Knowit enabled us to test, develop and launch our new product Safea. Knowit’s expertise within quality assurance and testing has truly been key, says Saastamoinen.

- It has been very rewarding to have taken part in digitalizing Flexim's business by creating a product development environment which makes use of IoT, says Ville Särmälä, CEO of Knowit in Finland.

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