Execution of the AGM’s resolution on an offset issue in Knowit AB

Published 23 May 2014

Knowit is, in accordance with the AGM’s resolution on an offset issue, issuing 745,044 shares, with a waiver of the shareholders’ preferential rights. Simultaneously, the AGM’s resolution to decrease Knowit’s share capital by SEK 48,734 through withdrawal of the 48,734 repurchased shares will be carried out. The decrease of share capital will be used for transfer to a fund. Through these actions, the share capital will have increased to SEK 18,389,032.

The resolution on the issue was made at the AGM on April 29, 2014.

The performed issue is aimed at the sellers of shares in Reaktor AS, Norway, and shares in subsidiaries in the Reaktor AS corporation, as well as the sellers of shares in Amende AS, Norway, as partial payment for acquisitions of the companies.

The subscription price was set at SEK 66.94 per share. Equity will increase by around SEK 50 million. Outstanding shares in Knowit AB before the new issue total 17,692,722. Following the issue and withdrawal, the total number of shares is 18,389,032, which means dilution was 3.9 percent. Subscription of shares was carried out on May 20 and trading of the newly issued shares can occur following registration with Euroclear Sweden AB, at earliest May 23.

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