Consultants working pro bono

Published 30 Nov 2015

Consultants at Knowit have chosen to carry out pro bono work in their leisure time. As a first stage of a long-term collaboration with the organization Wonsa - World of no sexual abuse, Knowit has now delivered part one of Wonsa’s digital workplace. The goal is to create a more efficient workplace that invites communication and collaboration.

The work is carried out pro bono by a team of consultants from the competence area "Collaboration" in the group Design & Digital.

– Within the team we are passionate about creating digital workplaces for our clients and it is our firm belief that by connecting CSR work to activities directly related to Knowit’s specialist competence and vision, we have a greater impact than through simply giving donations, says Annelie Friman at Knowit, one of the driving parties behind the collaboration.

The delivery covers analysis, concept, design, migration of infrastructure to O365 and development and implementation of SharePoint in the cloud.

– Thank you to the wonderful Knowit, for helping us make the world a better place! Wonsa is growing quickly and Knowit and its employees have, starting in the fall of 2015, donated 500 working hours to help us create a professional infrastructure. This means that we can quality-assure our administrative systems, increase efficiency at the clinic and within research. Further, we can make information more accessible for our employees and volunteers via the intranet. Thank you very much!, says Gita Rajan, founder of Wonsa.

Wonsa is a politically and religiously independent non-profit organization which through treatment, research, and knowledge works to achieve the vision of a world without sexual abuse. More information about Wonsa is available at

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