Ahlstrom's investor web pages made by Knowit got awarded

Published 04 May 2015

Ahlstrom's investor web pages have won the first prize in the category of mid-sized companies listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange. Knowit designed the site and did the technical implementation. The Finnish Foundation for Share promotion organizes the competition yearly and evaluates all the webpages of Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange that are in Finnish language.

There were three categories in the competition: large companies, mid-sized companies and small companies, based on the market value according to the stock exchange. The aim of the competition is to encourage everyone to do even better investor communication by giving concrete advice and examples.

"Our ambition is to provide relevant and important information through our website that is always up to date and can be accessed with ease," says Juho Erkheikki, Financial Communications & Investor Relations Manager at Ahlstrom. "We strive for continuous improvement."

“The most important goals in our current webpage is to provide up-to-date, relevant and important information that is also user-friendly. Mobile usability was also very important thing for us. Together with Knowit we have managed to create excellent, modern and user-friendly website,” says Reetta Peltonen, Digital Communications Manager of Ahlstrom.

Knowit and Ahlstrom designed the website by using the mobile first principle: the user interface is not only made responsive for different sizes of screens but has been designed from the beginning to work well on mobile devices. This assures that a mobile user can easily access all the needed information. The website is using EPiServer 7 as a platform.

The prize was awarded by The Finnish Foundation for Share promotion, which is a non-profit organization promoting securities investment and securities market. Apart from the representatives of the Foundation, the jury of the competition consisted of professional investors and equity analysts, and representatives of the academia. In addition, views of a group of students were taken into account.

To visit Ahlstrom's investor web pages: www.ahlstrom.com/en/Investors/

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